“The Best Things to Do When You Visit Seattle!”

Rachel Marsh
3 min readMar 18, 2023

The best part about vacationing in a big city is that the internet is overflowing with tourist blogs offering listicle upon listicle of “The 15 MUST-SEE Attractions” and all the “BEST Experiences You Absolutely Cannot Miss” and of course the “Coolest Things Only Locals Know About!” — ensuring you can make the most of your trip in said big city.

My friend Tyler and I took a long weekend to Seattle earlier this month, and — even though we didn’t know much about all of the “Unforgettable Experiences ONLY This City Has to Offer!” — these self-appointed travel writers and their quirky write-ups really helped point us in the right direction.

“Plan for a full day at the famous Pike Place Market, filled with eccentric shops, delicious restaurants, and the legendary fish tossing!”

We tried to wander around Pike Place Market for a while, but then we both remembered we don’t really like shopping and I don’t care that much about dead fish, even if they are getting tossed around, so I ended up getting a snack and a picture with Rachel the bronze pig and then we left.

“Get your caffeine fix with an exclusive cup of legendary Seattle coffee!”

One day we made drip coffee using some expired Folgers we found at our Airbnb. (It had only recently expired.)

“Head to the top of the iconic Space Needle for an unbeatable view of the city!”

Tickets to see the top of the Space Needle are like $40 per person so I just googled what the view looks like, and they were right! It is unbeatable!

This is from Google images

“Take a day hike to fully enjoy the area’s gorgeous greenery, stunning wildlife, and epic mountain views!”

Tyler and I went on a hike with two of his friends to this place called Cedar Butte.