“The Best Things to Do When You Visit LA!”

Rachel Marsh
4 min readMay 17

As a total *travel lover*, I am so fortunate for the variety of travel blogs out there to help me figure out how to get the most of my experience when I visit a new city!

When I went to LA last weekend with my cousin Celia, for example — just like when I went to Seattle — we had the assistance of fellow wanderlusters’ exclusive listicles to help us figure out “LA’s Must-See Hidden Gems!” and “The Top 25 Attractions in Los Angeles Locals DON’T Want You to Know About!”

And we are SO glad we had these insider tips to help us!

“See the stars on Hollywood Boulevard!”

We did go to see the stars, but we found out Hollywood Boulevard is actually really creepy, especially at night and especially when there is a missing person poster on every corner.

And then we got lost trying to find our car, and then almost ended up on one of those posters.

“Get sporty with a Lakers or Dodgers game!”

On Friday, we sat at Venice Beach and watched a family play baseball on the beach together, they were unbelievably bad at it.

“Eat, drink, and be merry at the fun-filled Santa Monica Pier!”

We went to the Santa Monica Pier but we’re not really all that into roller coasters or carnival games or kids off-leash so we spent most of our time at the photo booth. Except we didn’t want to pay for photos, so we just took selfies inside the booth instead.

“Eat your way through LA’s…